Telephone FAQ's

If you have any questions that are not answered on this page, please feel free to contact our office at 660-674-2297 or toll free at 888-371-6821.

Why is the Power Supply necessary for my phone service?

The Power Supply that was installed is a very vital part of your telephone service. The power supply supplies and conditions electricity to the electronics in the NID (the Network Interface Device that Alma Communications Company installed on the side of your house). These electronics convert the Fiber Optic signal into the copper signal that is ran throughout your house or business.

This power supply must stay plugged in at ALL times to ensure telephone service. In the event that your electricity goes out for any reason, the power supply is equipped with a battery that will supply telephone service for a minimum of 8 hours. The electronics will alert Alma Communications Company of the power failure, and we will make an attempt to contact and inform you of the situation.


What does Fiber Optic cable mean?

As new technology develops, Alma Communications Company is able to bring many new and exciting features to all customers, including those in the most rural areas. For more information and detail about Fiber Optic Cable please click here.


When is my Telephone payment due?

Telephone bills are mailed to subscribers on the first day of the month. Payment of bill is due by the 21st day of the month. Bills are past due on the 22nd day of the month. In the event your bill becomes delinquent, a ten–day notice will be sent before disconnecting your service. Customers are encouraged to call Alma Telephone Company at 660-674-2297 for questions regarding bills or to make payment arrangements.

You can also find payment information on page 5 of the Alma Telephone Company Directory


What should I do if I have Telephone trouble?

If you find that your telephone is not working properly avoid any unnecessary charges by checking the following before contacting Alma Telephone Company.

  • Check to be sure your phone is plugged securely into the wall outlet.
  • Check all the phones in your home to make sure you don´t have a phone off the hook.
  • Check to see if the phone is bad by unplugging all equipment, including fax or answering machine from the line. Check each phone one by one for dial tone. Once you get a dial tone, plug all other phones in one at a time until you no longer have a dial tone. The phone that caused the loss of dial tone may need to be repaired.

For more information regarding Telephone trouble, please see pg. 7 of your Alma Telephone Company Directory.

To report trouble calls after regular hours a voicemail may be left in the appropriate box my calling 674-2297 or toll free 1-888-371-6821; or by email at


How can I stop telemarketing calls?

There are two things you can do to reduce the amount of telemarketing calls you receive:

1) Register with Missouri No Call.

The No Call Law allows Missourians to reduce unwanted telemarketing calls made to their homes by signing up for the No Call List, which is managed by the Attorney General's office. There is no cost to get on the list.

Missouri's state law prohibits telemarketers from calling households on the No Call List, with some exceptions written into the law.

Register by calling toll free 1-866-662-2551 or online at

2) Sign up for the National "Do Not Call List".

You are now able to register home and mobile telephone numbers on the National "Do Not Call List".

There are exceptions; nonprofit and political organizations will still be able to call freely. Businesses are allowed to call customers up to 18 months after making a sale to that customer. These organizations must abide by the consumers request to be removed from their call lists.

The "Do Not Call" list is funded by telemarketers and is free to consumers. To sign up, call 1-888-382-1222 or visit If you sign up online, you will be able to register up to three phone numbers at once. Consumers who register by phone may only register the phone number by which they are calling.


I don't understand some of the charges on my bill.
  • Res/Bus Local Access -

  • End User Charge - The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) authorizes local telephone companies to recover a portion of the costs of facilities used to connect your home or business to their Central Office. The End User Charge is a flat rate that is addressed directly on your bill. This monthly charge does not result in additional revenue for Alma Communications Company.

  • Relay Missouri - Relay Missouri is a service funded by the Missouri Public Service Commission to provide functionally equivalent telephone access to all residents and businesses of Missouri. Simply speaking, Relay Missouri allows deaf, hard of hearing, and speech disabled individuals to use the telephone. Please visit for more information.

  • E-911 Surcharge - This charge is a state/local government charge to help fund emergency services, such as Police, Fire and Rescue agencies.


If I want to dispute a charge that appears on my bill, and don't pay that charge, will my service be affected.

Alma Telephone Company identifies all charges on your bill that if not paid, could result in the disconnection of your local service. These charges are noted with an asterisk (*). Non-payment of services not noted by the asterisk may result in disconnection of specific services, but will not lead to disconnection of your local service. If you do not recognize a charge or would like to dispute a charge, please contact our office at 660-674-2297 and a customer service representative will do their best to help resolve the issue.


How do I check my Voicemail?
To access your Voicemail:
    From inside your home:
  1. Dial *98
  2. Then enter your account password (by default it will be the last 4 digits of your telephone number, you may change this at any time.)
    From outside your home:
  1. Dial: 1-660-674-0777
  2. Enter your Voicemail Box Number, your full 10 digit phone number (660674****)
  3. Finally enter your Account Password (by default it will be the last 4 digits of your telephone number.)
  • A new Voicemail is indicated by a "stutter tone" when you first pick up the receiver.
  • Voicemail will automatically pick up on the 5th ring.
  • A temporary Account Password given to you by Alma Telephone Company will be the LAST FOUR digits of your telephone number. This will need to be changed as soon as possible.
When you access your Voicemail for the first time, a user tutorial is automatically activated. This tutorial will guide you through your first voicemail session, explain how to record a greeting and your name, and prompt you to change your temporary Account Password. Your Account Password can be 4 - 10 digits long and can be any series of numbers that will be easy for you to remember.

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